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Search for live cams in West Bank Live Camera including Dura and nearby cities, Imrish (4 km), Al Majd (5 km), Idhna (7 km), Hebron (7 km), Bayt Kahil (8 km), Salim (8 km), Dayr al 'Asal al Fawqa (9 km), Yuta (9 km), Zayta (10 km), Bayt Ula (10 km), Halhul (10 km), Bayta al Fawqa (11 km), Nuba (11 km), Kharas (12 km), Bani Na'im (13 km), Bayt Ummar (14 km), Surif (16 km), Bayt Fajjar (17 km), Ar Ramadin (18 km), Jaba' (19 km), Marah Rabbah (20 km), Wadi Fukin (23 km), Zur Hadassa (24 km), Lehavim (24 km), Husan (24 km), Mevo Betar (25 km), Artas (25 km), Battir (26 km), Qiryat Gat (27 km), Bayt Jala (27 km), Bethlehem (27 km), Bet Shemesh (27 km), Bayt Ta'mar (28 km), Bayt Sahur (28 km), Maythalun (30 km), Arad (32 km), Jerusalem (34 km), Old City (35 km), Jurish (35 km), Ariel (35 km).

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Results are based on a radius search of Dura, West Bank with a Dura center lookup of:
Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street, Dura, West Bank, Palestine

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There are approximately 208 registered profiles from Dura. Including surrounding areas of Imrish, Al Majd, Idhna, Hebron, Bayt Kahil, Salim, Dayr al 'Asal al Fawqa, Yuta, Zayta, Bayt Ula, Halhul, Bayta al Fawqa, Nuba, Kharas, Bani Na'im, Bayt Ummar, Surif, Bayt Fajjar, Ar Ramadin, Jaba', Marah Rabbah, Wadi Fukin, Zur Hadassa, Lehavim, Husan, Mevo Betar, Artas, Battir, Qiryat Gat, Bayt Jala, Bethlehem, Bet Shemesh, Bayt Ta'mar, Bayt Sahur, Maythalun, Arad, Jerusalem, Old City, Jurish, Ariel, there are over 24,877 members and growing every day.